• Wealth Management Goals
    • Wealth Management Issues
  • Playing Career Planning
  • Post Career Planning
    • Bert Bell / Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan (pension)
    • Second Career Savings Plan (401K)
    • Serverance Pay
  • Disability Benefits - NFL
    • Line of Duty
    • Neurocognative
  • Post Career - Personal
    • Budgeting
    • Insurance
    • The Trust (powered by the NFLPA)
  • Post Career - Professional
    • Resume Review & Update
    • LinkedIn / Social Media Review & Update
    • Alumni Networking
  • plus more

The VdS214 Transition Plan

  • Entrepreneurship
    • Starting a new business
    • Buy a business / franchise
  • Business Development
    • Corporate status
    • Branding
    • Trademarks / Copyrights
    • Legal Advisement
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Financail Forcasting
    • Certified CPA / Tax Attorneys
    • Product Sourcing
    • Product Development
    • Investor relationships
  • Market Development
  • Team Development
  • plus more

Since 2012 Villa di Strategies 214, Inc. has been working with college athletes, current and former professional athletes on transitioning to their next stage of life. Whether it is going from being a college athlete to post graduate studies, starting a new business venture or a professional athlete getting ready for their second career: the skills that defined them as an athlete are an advantage in the business world.

Transition Consulting - Coaching - Mentoring - Advising

As part of the VdS214 Transition Plan we require each athlete we work with to complete an organizational behavior assessment and financial stability program. The assessments includes: Motivational Values, Strengths Portrait and Conflict Resolution Assessment (Click here for assessments). The financial stability program includes: Personal Finances, Budgeting, Savings and Investing. The two evaluations together give each athlete the tools to begin their next stage of life.

Once these requirements are completed, the debrief coaching develops a plan for the vision each athlete has. 

To potential employers, the atypical work experiences that athletes have acquired are looked at as hurdles. Our team embraces and develops this unique set of skills as the largest marketing attribute. Because of an athletes competitive nature and malleability, this skill set is an asset to organizations.

 A FULL SERVICE organizational consulting COMPANY

Athletes in Transition

Villa di Strategies 214, Inc.

  • Transitional Mentorship
  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Interview Coaching
  • Industry / Career Interest
    • Resume building
    • Social Media Profiles
  • Career Aspirations
    • Internships
    • Corporate Partners
  • Post Graduate
    • Master Degree
    • Doctorate Degree
  • Personal Finance
    • Financial Freedom
  • Personal Strengths
  • Motivational Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Opportunity Sourcing
  • plus more

Components of the Plan