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 A FULL SERVICE organizational consulting COMPANY

“CLEAR Hope has benefited from the training, exposure and development coming from Kelly R. Pion and The K Factor Enterprises. She has been both professional and personal in her detail and concern for our ministry to leaders of women. The smile, the availability, the prompt responses, and her genuine care make her a delight to work with. The creativity and insight into what is needed has been a great help to us along the way. I can highly recommend her for effective and diligent work with other organizations.” 

“Scott is able to listen to the issue at hand and interpret that in a way that helps our people understand what steps to take to move us along. In webdesign he had to work with less than superior providers that we had on board already and has managed to do a great job for us. Overseeing our social network details, he has guided us along the way and kept us apprised of all the current changes so that we can be aware and proactive in updating. He is absolutely inventive and works tirelessly and efficiently from start to finish. So reliable! I recommend him wholeheartedly for anyone seeking initial improvement in exposure and for continued followup in marketing through social media!” ~ Joy M. Pedersen , Founder, CLEAR Hope Association Inc

“Kelly can be counted on to bring fresh perspective on any marketing project. She is very intuitive. Kelly's outgoing personality has helped sell any new idea successfully.” ~ Ray Franklin,Corporate Event Producer/ Speech Coach and Author

“Scott set up the shopping cart for my website, He was creative in adding features and completed the project under budget and ahead of schedule. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with via phone and web.” ~ Mary Tennyson , Owner, StashAll

"It has been a pleasure to work with The K Factor Enterprises. Kelly R. Pion has helped me transition from playing professional football to building my own company. Her strategic marketing ideas, website creativity and social media visions for all of her clients helps with success no matter what industry you are in."

“Capone Strategies, Inc. has helped me evolve my entrepreneurial spirit and the vision of my brand. He has taken my thoughts from paper to the public and has incorporated them across all forms of my social media, at the same time teaching me about advanced technology and how that works inside of a corporation.”~ Thomas R. Williams Founder/CEO at Thomas R. Williams, Incorporated

“The attributes of Scott and Capone Strategies far exceed the limitations of what I'm able to express here. Knowledgeable of cutting edge technology and how to use it/access it/maximize it for your benefit, trustworthy, professional, timely, enjoyable to work with AND ... great results! Bottom line, I highly recommend Scott and look forward to continuing to work with him at Capone Strategies.”

“Exceptional work with great results! Drawn to The K Factor Enterprises passion of seeing others succeed in achieving their goals/dreams along with her very personable nature and knowledgeable business savvy, her abilities and attributes are more than what I'm able to list here. Extending beyond her ability to develop, target, and focus in on business strategies while implementing a marketing plan to include social marketing media, Kelly is wonderful to work with, encouraging, professional, reliable, and maintains the highest level of integrity." ~ Dodee Inzerillo, Author 

"Kelly and The K Factor Enterprises was fantastic at helping us develop and build our brand. I would definitely hire her again, and I give her my highest recommendation!" ~ Jonathan Michaels, Founding Member at Michaels Law Group

“I/we have had the opportunity to work with Scott Capone on both internal and client based projects. His personality and expertise has been key to the success of our projects. His project management style is very logical in his approach. He makes it easy for the clients to understand and grasp the concept and what is involved. We and our clients enjoy his professionalism and work ethic. I look forward to working with Scott on future clients.” ~ James Rotondo, ManagePointe Tech. 

​"Bringing Kelly on as our PR/Marketing person was a huge asset to the World Bunco Association. Her professionalism and tenacious nature helped take us to the next level as a corporation. Kelly's negotiation skills and coaching proved to be invaluable over time. Her obvious love of people and business is seen in her dedication everyday." ~ Leslie Crouch, World Bunco Association

​"I have known Kelly for over eleven years. In that time, she has been a marketing director, field sales rep, presenter, crowd gatherer, and advocate for Magnet Productions. Much of the success we have enjoyed over as many years has been due to her. The simplest way for me to sing her praises is to say that she cares deeply about everyone she comes in contact with. She brings passion to everything she does, and our clients are all the richer for it." ~ Ken Newman, Magnet Productions

​“Since hiring Scott & Capone Strategies for our first project he has continued to impress me with his expert knowledge and most importantly his ability to stay ahead of technology and how to best implement within our organization. To stay ahead of the competition and be an industry leader, it is imperative to identify the areas in the business that need to be improved and execute on ideas in a timely manner and within budget - Scott and his team continue to meet expectations and deliver positive results. You should meet with Scott and explore all options before making a decision.” ~Thomas J "Tommy" Papa , Principal Partner, Creso Capital

“Scott is an expert in his field. Always ready and willing to help with the small and the big projects. His work and service have contributed to my business profoundly and I will continue to call upon him and his expertise!”

​“Kelly Rose Pion and The K Factor Enterprises has made an invaluable contribution to my personal business. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in all the current forms of media and presentation with a personal touch where I feel dealt with as a human being. Truly awesome! Great Promotions Manager." ~ Sheryl Lynne Smith, Singer-Preformer

“Scott exemplifies professionalism, integrity, and dedication to his clientele. Capone Strategies is the only company I will trust with my marketing, branding, and social media services.” ~ Michael Kuehner , Owner, SCS Audio Video

"Kelly is fantastic! A wonderful understanding of business and the end result." ~ Julie Hunt Director HR at Sentinel Offender Services, LLC 

“After years of me procrastinating setting up the internet marketing for my real estate business I hired Scott to handle it for me. I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge and timely turn around. He was also very professional & personable. I still call Scott with questions and he returns my calls promptly. Scott saved me time & money. I look forward to working with Scott in the future...” ~ Tim Castroreale , Owner,

“Scott has design and maintained my website for over seven years. Utilizing his marketing skills and his digital strategy background combined with his knowledge of my business and passion to see me grow, Scott was able to generate an international interest. I am eternally grateful for his continued support.”  ~ Rich Evans, Owner, Huntington Beach Bodyworks & Rich Evans Designs 

“Scott hired my team for many projects; And always it has been a pleasure to work with him. He always have a clear picture of the requirements before he come to us, which makes our job easier. I look forward to work with him for a long time.” ~ ArunRaj Rajagopalan, Software Freelancer & Consultant, Pi2 Info Labs

“Scott made an immediate and positive impact on our organization. He's enthusiastic and extremely helpful. I really enjoy working with him!” ~ Karen Crouch, Director, Franchise Development, Praise International North America, Inc.

“Working with Scott was a rewarding experience. Not only did he design and maintain programs (such as CRM software and others), he explained them and how they work very well. Scott was very knowledgeable and helpful.” ~ Evelyn Kim Tsubota, Franchise Development Sales, Praise International North America, Inc.

“Scott was great to work with. He kept on top of all the concurrent projects and made sure that the entire staff involved with the project had whatever they needed to complete the job on time. Working with Scott was a great pleasure and anyone would be lucky to work with someone of his caliber.” ~Eric Kinolik , Software Architect, Interactive Ideas

“Scott was an inspiring person to work with. His vision and direction were always clear, concise and well timed. I was always amazed at his energy and excitement day after day, always inspiring others to put in the necessary energy to reach our goals.” ~ Ron Perris , Sr. Unix Systems Administrator, Interactive Ideas / Outpost24